Personal Funding

In a perfect world, we would love to assist every one; however we realize that this simply is not a possibility. The best thing we can do as a company is to make sure that we help everyone we can and if we can’t assist a client that we advise them why and possibly offer our credit repair program if we can’t help now so that we may be able to in the future.

If you meets the criteria outlined below, feel free to text me and I’d be happy to get you pre-qualified.

The criteria may change every 6 months.
• No history of Bankruptcy in the last 5 years
• Seeking a minimum of $10,000
(Preferably $50,000-$150,000 )
• A minimum credit score of 670
• A minimum average age of file of 4 years
(If you have less than 4 years you can still qualify for funding if you’ve established 15k in revolving credit limits)
• At least 2 individual revolving lines that are active
• Over $5,000 in total revolving credit limits
• An individual revolving line with a credit limit of $3,000 or more
• Six or less inquiries per bureau in the last six months
• No more than three late payments in the last two years
• No more than two derogatory accounts in the last 24 months including:
A. Unpaid Collection
B. Charge Offs
C. Foreclosures
D. Repossessions
E. Short Sales
F. Unpaid Tax Liens
G. Unsatisfied Judgments
H. Household income of $40,000 or more.
• No history of bankruptcy
• No minimum credit score
• Minimum monthly recurring revenue of $5,000.00
• If a business owner in business for at minimum 6 months

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